Hunting / Farm Land, Country Homes & Estates for sale in Menominee County, MI

Menominee County is in the state of Michigan’s northwest corner of its Upper Peninsula. Menominee County has a land area of 1,044.08 square miles and a water area of 294.13 square miles. The county is ranked 60th in population for the state of Michigan. Menominee County has a variety of deer habitats. It comprises around 159 square miles (17 percent) of State Forest land, while 83 percent of the unit is privately owned.

The abundance of oak (acorn) offers an excellent deer habitat inside state forest lands along the unit’s western border. The county’s interspersion of farm land and forest cover provides great food resources and cover for deer. Buck hunter success rates, deer sighting rates, and buck kill per square mile over the last five years all show a relatively stable population.

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