Hunting / Farm Land, Country Homes & Estates for sale in Delta County, MI

Delta County is in the state of Michigan’s northwest corner of the Upper Peninsula. Delta County has a land area of 1,171.09 square miles and a water area of 820.23 square miles. The county is ranked 43rd in population for the state of Michigan. This county is in the moderate snowfall zone and is not impacted by Lake Superior as heavily as other counties to the north. Fourty-five percent of this unit is owned by the public, the majority of which is held by the state.

Timber management has an impact on land usage and habitat quality for deer. Traditionally, the emphasis in timber management has been on aspen and lowland conifer output. When compared to other counties in the western Upper Peninsula, Delta County has a considerable proportion of farmland. In the southern and eastern regions of this county, the combination of farm crops and woodland cover offers great habitat for deer. Since 1978, there has been a significant decrease in deer wintering habitat, mainly north of the town of Rock. The usual wintering complexes to the west of Rock in southern Marquette County, on the other hand, have fared considerably better.

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