Hunting / Farm Land, Country Homes & Estates for sale in Manistee County, MI

Manistee County is near the center of Michigan. Manistee County has a land area of 542.15 square miles and a water area of 738.41 square miles. Manistee County contains around 20,000 acres of State Forest Land, which accounts for approximately 6% of the county’s total land. The county’s landscape ranges from flat to gently rolling hills, with some more prominent hillsides in the southern part of the county. There are sandy moraine ridges, well-drained sandy outwash plains, and poorly drained mucky lake plains in the region. In the north, these drier sandy soils sustain a combination of pine, oak, aspen, and red maple forest types, whereas in the south, oak dominates the forest types.

Field crop production may be found on private lands in the county’s center region. Orchards are more frequent closer to the lakeshore. Traditional deer wintering sites include the watersheds of Dutchman, Lemon, and Big Bear Creeks, as well as the Manistee and Little Manistee Rivers. Recent demographic trends show that the deer population is gradually rising. Most likely as a result of repeated warm winters and a slow but steady decline in hunters or hunting effort. Whitetail deer, grouse, bear, ducks, turkey, and geese are among the game species available for hunting along the farm land, vacant land, waterfront, and hunting land for sale by Michigan Whitetail Properties in Manistee County, Michigan.

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