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Let me begin by saying that there is far too mouch here to merely describe in an ad, but I’ll do my best to give you a good visual picture while you’re reading this.
Located on the shore of the East Branch of the Au Sable River between St. Helen and Roscommon is where you’ll turn into the private road leading back to this beautiful 259 acres complete with a brand new …. and I mean BRAND NEW home, cabin and gorgeous wood frame barn.
Just completed and never lived in.
Imagine yourself driving down this private but very well maintained road through the forest of northeastern Michigan, and then making the left turn to go into the driveway of this property. The first thing you’ll see is a beautiful building built out of rough sawn pine and stained with very high quality Sikkens stain products, that is 32 x 56 in size. This building is well insulated with a concrete floor and it’s own electrical panel. Finished inside and out with a fantastic workshop area and lots of light. This building could be used for many different things.
Next to the 32 x 56 building is a cabin that was constructed for overflow guests and is small but extremely nice with all the comforts of home including a kitchen and it’s own bathroom with a shower.
Finished concrete surrounds these buildings and is very well done and every detail thought out in advance.
Moving on next to the new home. Also built with rough sawn pine and stained to match everything else. Steel roofs to endure the harsh norhtern Michigan winters. Great views from every window while you’re watching the ball game and enjoying the heat from the wood stove. Nice open kitchen area with plenty of counter space. Two bedrooms that are mirror images of each other with a bathroom for each of them and the stairs leading into the fully finished basement next to that.
Entering the finished basement you will find the same floor plan layout as the upstairs with matching bedrooms on each side, (minus the bathrooms) and a laundry area with new washer and dryer. Another free standing wood stove keeps the basement area warm and toasty.
Next to the house on the opposite side as the barn and cabin, there has been some concrete pads poured to occomodate campers, complete with water hook ups, 30 amp plug ins, and a waste riser.
Moving on to the land itself …. there are miles of roads that are kept well maintained by the oil and gas companies that have to get to their equipment and they are very nice. You could drive your Cadillac, your pickup truck, or your ATV down any of them without any problem.
Multiple trails run throughout the property and lead to about every portion that you’d want to get to. There are multiple stand locations and multiple food plots planted ….. the list goes on!

Believe me when I say that I could go on and on about this property, and my words wouldn’t do it justice, so if you’re looking for that perfect northern Michigan retreat where you and your friends and family can enjoy for decades to come, then contact me and let’s go see it. It’s not a property that you can drive by because it is secluded and private. I’m the only one that can take you there so let’s get together and do that sometime soon.

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Single story

2,640 ft²
4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
2 Floors
Finished Basement
Steel Roof
6 Car Garage
Built In 2023
Wood frame
Stained rough sawn pine

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Single story on 259 Acres

8400 E. Au Sable Rd. Roscommon, MI