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Land for sale in Montcalm County, MI. Located just north of Grand Rapids, in Winfield Twp, just west of Indian Lake, you will find 166 +/- acres. A private pond, Indian Creek Drain, and another large body of water assist with the whitetail and waterfowl habitat. Some Grouse population too. Multiple access locations allow you to enter each unique landscape, which seems to change around every turn. This is a great option for any outdoor enthusiast, offering a range of Pure Michigan fair chase and recreational opportunities. The address is fictitious to be used for mapping purposes.

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166 Acres of Hunting Land

18025 W Almy Road, Howard City, MI 49329

Montcalm County QDMA Branch

112 Grant St. Sheridan, MI 48834
Michael Myers

Newcosta Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Southern Mecosta Whitetail Management Association

Harold Wolf

Flat River Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Croton Wildlife Cooperative

Forrest Couch

Harvard Creek Coop

Anna Mitterling

Spring Creek

Anna Mitterling