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Land for sale in Michigan, Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Midland County Michigan, Hunting Land for sale in Midland County Michigan – 30 acres. Vacant land for sale in Midland County. Just East of Mount Pleasant sits this wooded 30 acres. This property’s 100% wooded and waiting for someone to make it their own. The property is approximately 8 miles from Mount Pleasant and 20 miles from Midland. Making it a perfect building site or potential hunting ground. I noticed lots of tracks and run ways on my walk and a couple rubs. There are some matures pines, maples, and oaks along with plenty of younger hardwoods and thick brush. This is exactly the type of land a whitetail would love to bed in. This property is also very close to the Gladwin Forest Land so if you wanted a little more room to hunt you could drive down the road and have thousands of acres to roam.

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30 Acres of Hunting Land

465 N Coleman Rd, Shepherd, MI

Central Michigan QDMA Branch

8580 Olive Rd Elwell, MI 48832
Jarred Waldron

North Branch Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Stoney Ridge

Anna Mitterling

Salt River Cooperative

Danté Spagnolo

County Line Whitetail Cooperative

Andy Lewis, Andy Clark

Pine River Cooperative

Matt Smith, Jeff Nowaczyk