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Located just north of M-57 and right at the Saginaw/Gratiot County line is where this property is located. Because it is north of M-57 it is in the rifle zone.
Private drive that is gated leads back to a small but very nice and comfortable cabin that gives you a place to spend the night or just warm up.
The layout of this property is awesome for deer movement and includes many bedding areas and travel corridors.
Mostly wooded for the most part and the timber is very common for this mid Michigan area with oak and maple and cherry being predominant with conifers being
mixed among them.
There are many opportunities for even more habitat improvement or even a place to build that secluded home away from everyone and everything.
I could go on and on here but the best way for you to find out is to give me a call or send me an email and let’s get together and go take a walk.

This is private property so please do not trespass on this land. We are happy to take you for your private tour. Thank you.

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