Whitetail Deer at Early Light

Why Is Michigan The Best Deer Hunting State?

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Every state has time-honored traditions. One tradition that many states across the U.S. have in common is deer hunting. While many states partake in deer hunting during fall and winter, some are much better for it than others. Out of every state that hunts deer, Michigan is one of the best. In Michigan, many people grow up in deer hunting families and learn the importance of the sport and then pass it on to their own families. Since the first deer hunting season in Michigan in 1859, hunters have looked forward to the start of deer hunting season year after year. We spoke with Devin Sabraw with AirBnB Universe who told us why he chooses to hunt in Michigan over any other state. “Michigan is the best deer hunting state because license fees for non-residents are low compared to other states and Michigan is home to some noticeably larger whitetail deer.”

Many hunters across the country know that Michigan is perfect for deer hunting, but what exactly makes it so great? Here’s more information about what makes Michigan the best deer hunting state.

Why Does Michigan Have So Many Deer?

Michigan has always had an incredibly high number of deer in the state, and the development of major cities hasn’t stopped that. The number of deer throughout Michigan is typically thought to be over one million each year. Michigan’s ecosystem is naturally a place that allows the deer population, along with other animals, to flourish. Here, you can find plenty of forests that make the perfect home for whitetail deer. In some spots, hunting land can be extremely rugged, which makes an added challenge that many hunters are looking for. There are so many deer in states like Michigan; deer hunting is needed just to keep the large deer population under control.

How Much Space is There for Deer Hunting?

One of the biggest reasons for Michigan having great deer hunting is the amount of hunting land available. There are millions of acres of public land throughout Michigan. Of course, if you’re hunting on public land, you’ll have to be okay with sharing your space with other hunters. Hunters from all over know that Michigan is one of the best deer hunting states, and they’re willing to travel across states for it. Because of this, there are often many hunters sharing land at the same time. With so much land, you can still have a great chance of getting a deer when you’re on public land.

However, if you’re serious about hunting, a better option might be buying private hunting land rather than using public land. This way, you have a say over who’s allowed to hunt on your land and can use it all for yourself if you want to. Like public land, there’s also a lot of private land available in Michigan. If you’re interested in getting your own hunting land, you should also consider looking for hunting cabins for sale in Michigan.

Best Areas in Michigan for Deer Hunting

You already know that Michigan is a great state for deer hunting, but to get the full benefits of it, you need to know the best places to go. There are many great hunting spots, but experienced hunters in the state know where to go for the best chance at getting a deer. You can find great hunting land in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, although the Upper Peninsula tends to have larger deer. Some of the best counties to go deer hunting in include Clinton, Montcalm, Isabella, and Ingham Counties.