Flock of Geese over Lake Superior in Autumn

What Do I Need To Know Before I Move To Michigan?

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When you move to a new state, you might not realize all of the small changes you’ll have to learn to adjust to. Even going to the next state over from where you currently live can be challenging. Each state has its own customs and cultures that make them unique places to live. Where you’re living in a state can also make a huge difference, a city in one area might seem like it’s part of a totally different state from a city in a different area.

If you’re planning a move to Michigan soon, here are a few things to know beforehand.

Michigan has an affordable cost of living

Residents in Michigan saw the effects of the recession more than most people. Since then, Michigan’s economy has been frequently talked about in the news all over the country. However, the state’s comeback from this is exactly what makes it a great place to live. In fact, moving to Michigan can be a great choice for you financially. Compared to many other states, Michigan is incredibly affordable. A lower cost of living can help open opportunities for you that would be difficult to find elsewhere. You can move to Michigan’s biggest cities and not have to worry about the extremely high costs of living you would get in some of America’s major cities. This, combined with a growing job market, makes it the perfect place for families and professionals to relocate to.

The weather can get cold quickly

If you’re coming from somewhere that gets only mildly cold, the weather in Michigan might shock you for a while. Michigan has four seasons, although winter is the most notable. Reese Everson weighed in on her biggest takeaway from spending time in Michigan, “During the winter, Michigan is often cold, grey and gloomy.” This can be tough if you aren’t a fan of cold weather, as you’ll have months of below-freezing temperatures. Residents in Michigan still manage to get out during the winter and enjoy outdoor activities such as ice fishing and hockey. Fortunately, if you’re able to make it through the freezing winters, you’ll get to enjoy comfortable temperatures for the rest of the year.

Hunting is very popular

Michigan is one of the best places in the country to go deer hunting. It’s also a big part of the culture all across the state. When you move to Michigan, you might want to consider finding someone who will be willing to teach you to hunt. Even if you’re new to hunting, there’s so many deer that you still have a good chance of getting something. After being in Michigan for a while, you might even consider buying your own hunting property, which is easy to come by in this state.

Sports are huge

Like many states, it’s practically a rule that you follow that state’s sports teams if you live there. If you don’t know anyone in Michigan before you move, getting familiar with the local sports teams is an easy way to make new friends. Michigan is famous for its sports teams, so talking about your favorite sport is a surefire way to get to know people in your new state. This goes for both its college and professional sports teams.  Along with supporting Michigan’s teams, you’ll also have to dislike all of Ohio’s teams if you want to fit in.

You can easily visit another country

It might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about Michigan, but it’s the perfect place to move to if you’d like to travel more. Michigan is right next to Canada, which gives you an easy way to experience a new country as often as you’d like. The state even has 10 different border crossings that allow you to enter Ontario. Even if you aren’t up for a trip to Canada, there’s plenty of opportunities for great vacations in Michigan. The state is home to four of the five Great Lakes.

Michigan is home to many unique neighborhoods

No matter what type of area you’re looking to live in, you’ll surely be able to find it in Michigan. Among some of the most cities in Michigan is Ann Arbor, which is also one considered to be one of the best places to live in the country. Of course, Detroit is a great choice if you prefer living in a big city. There are also plenty of amazing suburbs to live in, such as Grand Rapids, Novi, and Birmingham. Among these towns and cities, there are dozens of quaint, small towns and rural areas if you’d like to be away from more populous areas.