Land Specialists Vs. "Traditional" Real Estate Agents

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Many people who love the outdoors fantasize about having a piece of property where they can go hunting, fishing, and enjoy the wealth nature has to offer. It must be fantastic to fully immerse yourself in your way of life on your own farm or hunting property.

But acquiring a suitable piece of land involves difficulties that are quite different from those involved in purchasing a house or a piece of real estate for your business. Few real estate brokers concentrate on undeveloped land that is supposed to be left alone. If you’re interested in buying acres of wildlife-rich property, you may want to consult a land specialist.

Land Specialists Understand The Lay of the Land

When a so-called “conventional” real estate agent offers a house or commercial building, they often emphasize the building or the land’s potential for future development. The sale is often driven by the seller’s comfort level, financial constraints, or the ROI of a business. The importance of a ‘structure’ is the fundamental concept of the sale.

Land specialists concentrate on a property’s inherent value. This information could include the kinds of animals present, the quality of the water, the value of the timber, the potential revenue from tillable land, and other factors. The presence of nearby watershed-protected property may not be a worry to the ordinary real estate agent. This would be highly regarded as a crucial component by a land specialist. Simply put, land specialists assess properties for their inherent value rather than for potentially rapid profits.

Land Specialists Usually Have Better Connections in the Industry

Once an agent has specialized in undeveloped land, they tend to acquire listings and knowledge that others simply don’t have. 

People in the sector, like any expert, want to collaborate with individuals who can best represent their interests. Sellers of commercial properties are more likely to be attracted by a real estate agent who specializes in commercial properties. They are also more likely to be aware of trends and to be aware of properties before they reach the open market. The same may be said for land specialists.

An agent who works in this specialized sector makes relationships on both sides of the aisle. Landowners are more likely to approach them about potentially selling undeveloped land. Because of such connections, a land specialist is in a unique position to locate a buyer for a specific piece that has yet to be formally listed. 

Buyers in hot markets often grumble that particular properties sell rapidly; so, if you are a serious buyer who is not working with a land expert, you are losing out on numerous unmarketed purchasing opportunities.

Regardless of the sector, professionals increase the likelihood of a successful conclusion. While typical real estate brokers are wonderful, land experts have a better grasp of what outdoor lovers value and more expertise about appropriate properties.

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Land specialists, like those at Michigan Whitetail Properties, understand the intrinsic value of natural parcels. They know more about deer hunting properties and land than traditional real estate agents who are not as well-versed in the wildlife habits and parcel features that make a piece of land valuable for hunters. If you want to buy or sell a deer hunting property, it is important to work with an agent who knows the market inside and out. Contact Michigan Whitetail Properties today to get started!