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How Many Acres Are Required To Hunt Comfortably In Michigan?

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If you’re a serious hunter and spend most of your time out in the woods during hunting season, you’ve probably considered buying hunting land of your own. For those who are really dedicated to hunting, owning your own land can come with multiple benefits. With your own land, you have control over what you choose to do with it and don’t have to worry about anyone else. While this comes with many perks, you do have to put in some work to find the best property.

One of the biggest questions people have about buying hunting land is knowing exactly how much land they need to be able to hunt. This is something you don’t have to think about when you’re going to your favorite public hunting land but can make a huge difference in what properties you’ll be able to buy.

What Should You Look for in Land?

The total amount of land you’ll end up needing can vary from person to person. Most people recommend that you have at least 50 acres. When you’re looking at different pieces of land, you should be thinking about how you prefer to hunt. Take into consideration how much land and personal space you prefer to have, as well as if it will be just you or other hunters, in which case you may need more. Many hunters invite others to their private land and charge them a small fee to afford it, or you might just prefer to hunt with friends or family members. Many hunters also choose to buy land that has a home or cabin on it. So if you’re looking for hunting cabins for sale in Michigan, it will naturally require you to have much more land to hunt a safe distance from the property.

The land itself is also something you should be paying close attention to while shopping around. It won’t matter much if you have a huge amount of land that ends up not being a place that attracts many animals. Does the land you’re looking at have water, coverage, and other signs that it would be good for hunting? If your land has everything animals are looking for, you might focus less on the size. Even if, in the end, you choose a smaller piece of land, but one that’s clearly a perfect place for wildlife, you could get much more out of it than a huge piece of land that isn’t as good.

Work With the Right Real Estate Agent

Many people are already familiar with what goes into owning a home. However, owning land, even for seasoned hunters, can be much more complicated. During the process of buying land, you’ll likely end up with a lot of questions. While buying land is much more affordable than buying a home, you shouldn’t try to navigate this by yourself. There are real estate agents who have experience buying properties like these that will be a huge asset to you. They can field any questions you have, such as how many acres you’ll need to hunt comfortably. Real estate agents who know how to sell land for hunting will be able to help you with anything like this, so you know you’re making the best choice. They’ll be able to work with you to determine exactly how much land is right for your situation.