10 Best Small Towns To Live In Michigan

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Michigan’s major cities are well-known throughout the country, and while they have a lot to offer, you shouldn’t overlook the small towns that can be found all over the state. We spoke to Sherese Patton with IAmSherese who is a Michigan native “Living in Michigan is an amazing experience. We have so many different activities to chose from. Not only in the City of Detroit, but around the state.” No matter what area of the state you’re in, you can find plenty of charming small towns. Living in a small town comes with tons of benefits, which makes them the best option for many. From a lower cost of living to the ability to have more land, many people are choosing to move to big cities.

Here are 10 of the best small towns to live in Michigan that will have you looking for property for sale in Michigan.


A town with the name Paradise practically speaks for itself. Living in Paradise will put you in just a short distance from Lake Superior. This is the perfect place for nature lovers to move to. Not only are you right by Tahquamenon Falls and other beautiful scenes, but the town is also right by the historic Whitefish Point Lighthouse. Throughout the town, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about Lake Superior and its history.


With a population of about 800, Springport is great for anyone looking for a very small, quaint town. Here, you can find festivals, parades, and 5k races. The Springport Motor Speedway is also a popular spot and well-known among racing fans throughout Michigan. Springport neighbors many of the other popular small towns in Springport.


For a quaint small town, Marshall is a great choice. Marshall has a long history that the town has made a great effort to preserve. They’ve done so well at keeping the town’s historic buildings maintained that it is home to one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts. Living in Marshall allows you to spend time around a variety of different historical sites, as well as several different museums.


Hillsdale is both a small town and a college town, which gives it plenty to offer its residents. Here, you can find Hillsdale College. While the college itself is excellent, the entire town is a great place to be. Like many small towns, you can find historical buildings lining the downtown area. In the warmer months, you can spend time enjoying time outdoors or visit Baw Beese Lake.


Gladwin is the county seat of Gladwin County, one of the smallest counties in Michigan by the total area. Year-round, you can find community activities that you’ll be sure to love, no matter what your interests are. The town has some of the most well-known small town attractions, such as county fairs and farmers’ markets.


In Harrison, you have easy access to two beautiful lakes, Budd Lake and Dodge Lake. Harrison is also close to many other lakes in neighboring towns, which makes this small town a popular place for living and visiting. Because many travel to the area to enjoy the lakes, you can find great activities and dining all around.


Albion is a great town for anyone looking for a family-friendly place to live in. With amazing parks, outdoor trails, and a nature center, you get all the perks of living in a small town. You won’t miss out on anything living in this small town, as it has concerts, performances, art, and great dining.

Battle Creek

Battle Creek is a larger, small town with a lot going on. Although it may not be a huge area, Battle Creek has its own zoo that features over 600 animals. Battle Creek may not be extremely small, but if you find yourself missing a bigger city, it’s a close distance to Grand Rapids. You can choose from visiting multiple different theaters, parks, or enjoying the wide range of art that can be found here.


Perfect for anyone who wants to live in an especially small area, Onsted is a village with fewer than 1,000 residents. While it may be small, you’ll still find enough to do here, especially outside. One notable attraction near Onsted is Hidden Lake Gardens, a 755-acre botanical garden. The botanical garden brings in thousands to the Irish Hills region. Evans Lake is another popular attraction in the area.


Another great village in Michigan perfect for those looking for a small town is Concord. Concord is an ideal small town, saying they promote small-town ideals and values. Many residents in Concord take advantage of their local park, Gottschalk Park, which offers multiple different sports fields and a playground. Another park in the area, Paddock Lake Park, provides access to Paddock Lake.


There is a long list of things to see and do in Cheboygan. This is ideal for anyone looking for a coastal town without having to deal with large crowds. One of the most well-known features of the area is the Cheboygan Crib, an iconic lighthouse. You can also find all of the best lake activities in Cheboygan, such as fishing and cruising.