Michigan ranks among the top places in the US to hunt whitetail deer, with many hunters putting it on their own personal bucket list. Not only does it rank among dream hunting spots for outdoorsmen, it’s known to be among the best locations for a successful hunt. If you’re looking to bag that monster this year, head to Michigan for a chance at that whitetail buck.


Hunting Season in Michigan


Early antlerless firearm season in Michigan typically begins in Mid-to-late September, and bow season begins Oct. 1. The most popular is regular firearm season, which runs Nov. 15-30. In 2017, deer hunters found the most success in Central and Southern  . More than 600,000 hunters hit the woods last year, with the majority of hunters being men. It is important to note, however, that the number of females, as well as youth hunters in MI,  has surged over the past several years, helping to reinvigorate hunting’s identity.


Hunters in Michigan spend an average of 15 days hunting each year, one of the highest in the country. Deer hunting is an important part of Michigan’s identity, and sportsmen across the nation look for Michigan as a beacon for whitetail deer.


Bag a Wall Hanger in Michigan


There’s something of a fascination with antlers. After all, it’s antlers that peak the attention of woodsmen, both old and young. What is it about Michigan that makes it such an attractive location for not just whitetail deer, but LARGE whitetail bucks.


Michigan is a hospitable climate for trophy bucks. Plentiful food sources, as well as abundant cover spots, make it an ideal environment for deer to thrive–some of the largest bucks on record have been harvested from Michigan! Whitetail deer in Michigan are common, making it a draw for hunters throughout the land. Michiganders are more likely to have a hunting license compared to those in other states. Hunters favor both archery and rifle equally, with separate seasons for both.


Deer will find a bounty of nutrient-dense food to eat in an unpressured environment that allows them to reach a larger size than in other regions. Michigan’s population of whitetails continues to increase, having bounced back from several years of depletion. Here, hunters flock to deer camps and on to guided hunts with great ferocity, in hopes of capturing that awe-inspiring rack to mount on their wall.


If you are planning on hitting the woods of Michigan this hunting season, be sure to follow all rules and regulations. Leave the woods better than you found them to ensure hunters who follow after you will find good conditions. Michigan has so much to offer in its forests and hunting lands; it seems that hunters and deer can agree.