Consisting of heavily wooded areas and farmland, many locations in Michigan are prime for hunting. It is a common tradition throughout the state that goes back for generations. Michigan offers a cool climate suitable for going after both small and large game, including deer, geese, and bears. There are even many opportunities for Michigan residents and those out-of-state to purchase pieces of property. Of course, there is nothing more perfect than being able to go hunting right in your backyard and knowing you have it all to yourself. 

You can discover more of Michigan’s diverse wildlife through its numerous open, forested properties. They are great for anyone searching for expansive and remote areas to build a home and relax. Ready to go above and beyond to find you the right property, Michigan Whitetail Properties consistently offers buyers like you our realty expertise. We will show you what it is like to live in our state’s beautiful, rugged countryside. Seek our assistance today, because, no matter what you are looking for, we’ll be sure to find you the rural land for sale in Michigan that you desire. 

Properties Available in Michigan

With Michigan Whitetail Properties, you can be assured that we will listen and rise to meet your needs. We realize you are making a major purchasing decision. Read on to see what regions of Michigan have properties on the market. They all offer impressive acreage and geographic features. 


Located in south-central Michigan, Coldwater offers plenty of opportunities for hunting. Possessing both private and public lands, there are rich forests of a variety of hardwood trees, including cherry, maple, and oak. Not to mention, it is a great habitat for deer, turkeys, and other small game species that thrive throughout Michigan. Some parcels even have farmland and agricultural areas filled with plants such as soybeans and corn. 


Part of Jackson County, Concord features heavily wooded areas along with sections of tillable farmland. Many of them have been in the hands of the same families for generations. With lush vegetation and even some waterfront properties, parcels in Concord provide chances to become engaged in recreational activities such as hunting. This area is also populated by whitetail deer, ducks, and geese. 


Throughout Calhoun County, both private and public forest preserves have been well maintained to protect both flora and fauna. As a region of southern Michigan, Marshall is particularly known for its rolling hills that are adorned with thick trees, providing you with a supply of timber during the chilly winter. There are even some small private lakes, which are ideal for fishing or waterfowl hunting. 

Exceptional Rural Land for Sale in Michigan 

Michigan Whitetail Properties will help you find a parcel of land that you can blissfully enjoy. You can engage in recreational activities that include hunting, fishing, and farming while you take in the simple and rustic beauty of your surroundings. At Michigan Whitetail Properties, we will find you a beautiful and peaceful land out in the Michigan countryside.

If you are looking for a top-quality property, reach out to us to start viewing the rural land for sale in Michigan today!