Michigan has a rich tradition of hunting, with some 763,618 hunters getting out in the woods last year. With 7.4 million acres of forest land open to public hunting, there are ample opportunities to enjoy the hunt, no matter which part of the state you reside in.


When most people think about hunting, they think of whitetail deer. If you’re a hunter in Michigan, you know that spring turkey season will soon be here, and it’s time to start thinking about bagging that bird.


Few things bring a smile to a hunters face like hearing the phrase “wild turkey season”. Winter will be over and the world will come alive with green, giving hungry turkeys a veritable buffet of greenery to enjoy.


Spring Turkey Season–a Rite of Passage for Michigan Hunters


Turkey hunters in Michigan remain steadfast in preserving the state’s rich turkey hunting heritage. Michigan ranks 7th in the nation for turkey hunting, with hunters flocking here from all across the U.S. and Canada. The turkey population has grown steadily since 1968 when an official turkey hunting season was established after successful repopulation efforts.


Turkey hunting is unlike most other hunts. Many hunters consider turkey hunting to be more interactive than other hunts, enjoying pursuits that can last for miles and end with a turkey flying into a tree. Hunters can revel in taking trophy gobblers year in and year out in Michigan’s millions of acres of land.


Many turkey hunters will tell you that it’s a family affair, with generations of hunters going out together when spring gobbler season opens. Bow hunting a turkey is both a skill and an art, requiring patience above all else.


Apply for your spring turkey hunting license now. See you in the woods!