With hunting season in full swing, hopefully you have already been thinking about that choice hunting spot. Most hunters are on a yearly quest for not just that monster buck, but the perfect spot to shoot him from. If you hunt from a tree stand, make sure you know just where to place it to ensure you get that optimal shot.


What Type of Tree Stand Are you Using This Season?


There are a variety of tree stands on the market today to meet different hunters needs. Read on to learn more and find the right stand for your hunt.

  • 2-person Tree Stand
    Besides the obvious benefit of holding 2 hunters at the same time, the two of you can enjoy varying vantage points, and maybe even work together to shoot a deer.
  • Tripod Deer Stand
    This gives hunters the advantage to hunt from off the ground when traditional tree stands are not available.
  • Ladder Tree Stand
    Ladder tree stands work best when put up in advance. While they are heavy and require quite a bit of work to install, they give hunters a fixed, stable platform to shoot from.
  • Rotating Tree Stand
    Sometimes the perfect tree in the perfect spot is crooked, and thus, cannot accommodate a traditional tree stand. A rotating or swivel tree stand solves the problem. With a 360 degree rotating seat, you can enjoy greater visibility and safer tree stand entry. View your hunting area in all directions.


Timing of Placement Matters

Like hunting in general, timing is everything. Any good hunter knows that you don’t just hang a tree stand whenever you feel like it. Knowing when to hang a tree stand is as important as deciding where to hang it.

Many hunters prefer to hang their stands in late January, after hunting season has ended. For those with limited amounts of time, there can be an advantage to hanging your stand early. However, trees expand and animals can chew, so if you do hang your stand during between January and May during the summer. This will save you the hassle of an unwanted surprise during hunting season if something does happen during that time.

Some hunters prefer to carry their treestand with them, install it, and hunt it that day to keep scents down.


Finding that Ideal Location

Just like the when matters, so does the where. Optimal tree stand placement is critical for a successful hunt. Looking for a few helpful hints for your tree stand location? Try these.

  • Farm Fields
    An absolute must for anyone in farm country, farm fields are rich in resources that attract deer. Boasting great visibility and plentiful food sources, a farmer’s field is a wise location for your tree stand to go.
  • Hunting Plots
    These are areas specifically designed to attract hungry deer. These locations should be planted with high attraction food crops such as clover and cereal grains. Their smaller size and more covered locations offer security to passing deer.
  • Double-Whammy Lots
    Here, deer will find a water source and a large amount of cover to conceal them. Deer will typically bed nearby areas like these, making them a must for anyone in pursuit of a whitetail deer this year.

Whatever strategy you use this season, finding that sweet spot takes skill, luck and time. Use this guide to increase your chances of seeing that shooter deer.