Farming is a tough, rewarding business. Farming the land can be deeply satisfying, but it’s not without stress. Between managing crops, taking care of livestock, managing equipment and attending to farm chores, there’s a lot to worry about. Take some of the worry off your shoulders with farm insurance from GreenStone Farm Credit Services.

When farming goes according to plan, you feel great–you’re feeding others and living off the land. It is important to remember, though, that farming is a business and you need to treat it as such. Do you have a plan in place if things go wrong?

Farm insurance protects your future

Each farming season brings with it new goals, and new challenges. With many unknowns to contend with like the weather, pests and blight, poor soil, animal illness and so many others, Stop hoping and praying, and get farm insurance from GreenStone.

We understand farming business cycles and the market challenges even the most experienced farmer can face. We also understand that no two farms are the same. It’s why we offer a variety of financial products to meet the changing needs of farmers like you.

We offer flexible, affordable loans for young farmers just starting out. We also provide financing for farm equipment, land, operational costs and more. We also offer whole farm insurance and a range of other things to protect your business. Not sure if you need farm insurance?

Farm Insurance keeps some farms in business

If you’ve never had to deal with a claim for your farm, you’re fortunate. Farm insurance is there for those times when you have suffered a loss, and need to recoup the money. While you may not have had to file a claim this year, or in years past, next year could be different. We cannot state it enough–farm insurance can be the difference between staying in business, or closing. While crop insurance may not eliminate the full bill, it can certainly lessen the blow.

If you’re considering insurance for your farm, contact the team at GreenStone Farm Credit Services at 800-968-0061.