If you’ve relocated to a new state in the past, you already know how hard it can be. Even if its a state close to you, you might not realize all the differences until you get there. You could run into some little differences that you aren’t used to. Even the slang people use might change This can be even more difficult if you don’t have any family or friends close by to help immerse you into your new environment. Although Michigan is an amazing place to live, it still comes with a bit of a learning curve if you’re coming from a new state. Moving to Michigan is easy and a great decision, but like any states, it does have its own unique features to know ahead of time. 

Here’s some information about Michigan that can help you during your move.

Jobs and economy

When it comes to job opportunities and the economy, Michigan has gotten a bad rap over the past few years. Although the recession was hard, the state’s economy is growing and more job opportunities are coming up in new fields. While the unemployment rate is slightly above the national average, it’s the lowest its been in 15 years with even more hopes of improving. In addition to this, the average annual salary is higher in Detroit than it is nationally.  Moving to Michigan now can give you the chance to get involved in this growth stage for the state. When many people think of working in Michigan, they’ll likely think of manufacturing jobs in the automotive industry. While these jobs are still going strong, there so much more than that today. The best part of Michigan is its low cost of living. Michigan is one of the most affordable states in the country. This allows you to get a lot more for your dollar than in other states. With a lower cost of living, you could have a better chance of being able to afford your dream home. 

City or rural area?

The benefit of living in Michigan is that no matter what type of  lifestyle you have, you can find the perfect location. Each area of Michigan is unique, so you’re sure to find on that fits you. In the Upper Peninsula, you can find wide-open spaces filled with forested areas. If you want somewhere you can be secluded from your neighbors, this is the perfect place for you. Hunting is huge in Michigan, so if this is something you’re interested in, this is a great time for you to buy hunting property. However, if you’re more of a city person, there’s more than enough opportunities in the state. Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids are all booming cities that you should consider moving to. In Michigan’s big cities, you can experience diverse cultures, museums, unique restaurants, and more. If city or rural spaces are too extreme for you, we have plenty of suburban areas that are suitable for anyone. 

Enjoy the cold weather

Whenever you’re looking to make a big move, the weather is always something you should take into consideration. While the weather might not be enough for you to make a decision, it is something you should prepare yourself for. Many people love Michigan because it gets all four seasons, unlike some other states. Unfortunately, as many already know, Michigan can also be extremely cold. If you aren’t already used to the cold weather, this can be a shock when you finally feel it. Living in Michigan will require you to get comfortable with heavy snowfalls. Fortunately, this creates the perfect conditions for anyone who loves outdoor winter activities. While the winter can sometimes be trying, the temperature will always rise back up in the spring and summer. 

Best sites to see

Across Michigan, you can find plenty of activities to do. One of the first things that will come to most people’s minds when they think of things to do around Michigan is to visit one of the great lakes. Michigan is connected to four of the five great lakes. Any of the great lakes are surely a sight to see, but there are thousands of other lakes in the state for you to visit. Another popular activity in Michigan is attending sporting events. When you live in Michigan, supporting the local sports team on a collegiate and professional level is a huge part of the culture. For anyone new to the area, getting involved with the local teams is the perfect way to immerse yourself. If you’re into automobiles, Michigan is the ideal place for you to be. There are plenty of museums dedicated to the state’s role in the industry. Outsiders might not realize it, but you can even get a chance to see the northern lights.