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Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Hunting Land for sale in Jackson County Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – 84.81 acres
COMPLETELY WOODED and located in the heart of Jackson County is where you’ll find this raw parcel of land. This area is very rural and has many hundreds of acres of thick cover in every direction. Some hinge cutting and adding some food plots for a sustained food source could make this property phenomenal! We’ve sold many acres in this local area and most of the hunters here practice QDM. Get with us today and let’s take a walk.

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84.81 Acres of Hunting Land

6999 Wellman Rd, Parma, MI 49269

Southeast QDMA Branch

48066 Chesterfield Dr. S Canton, MI 48187
Cory Franceus

Big Creek Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Spring Brook Cooperative

Allen Bressette

Falling Waters Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Lost Lowlands

Anna Mitterling

Willow Creek Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Clark Lake Area Deer Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Hendee Drain Deer Co-Op

Phil Smith

Sharonville SGA

Anna Mitterling