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**SOLD** Land for sale in Hillsdale County Michigan, Recreational Land for sale in Hillsdale County Michigan, Hillsdale County Land Search
20 acres of mature woods surrounded by AG fields in every direction and a perfect place for one of those big southern Michigan bruisers to hang out.
Also a great turkey population in this area. Add in a small one room cabin to stay warm and dry in those nasty times when the rut is kicking in
and you have yourself your own small piece of paradise.  PENDING SALE – PROPERTY IS UNDER CONTRACT **PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD**

1. Property includes 12X16 cabin with loft and screened in porch. Includes dining table, mini fridge and bathroom
with composting toilet.
2. 12’X12″ shed with double doors and loft for additional storage
3. 3 two-person stands, 2 single stands, 1- 4’X8′ wooden blind with insulated walls and windows, 1 elevated
enclosed blind
4. 3 food plots on property
5. Raised 50 gallon feeder with new Texas Hunter 12 volt feeder kit including battery, rodent cage and solar
6. Includes 11 page deer management plan created by Mark Lemke of Practical Whitetail Strategies

It’ll be gone shortly after I hit the submit button, so don’t hesitate on calling!

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120 ft²
1 Floor