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Land for sale in Eaton County Michigan. Farm Land for sale in Eaton County Michigan. Farm Land for sale in Michigan – 27.5 acres

Here’s approximately 27.6 acres of mostly farm ground located in northern Eaton County between Sunfield and Mulliken. The field was tiled in 2014 and has been farmed yearly. Drainage ditches run along the north & east borders along with another ditch that cuts across the property closer to the Southern border. You can hunt the field edges and wait for those big bucks to come out of the woods while collecting income from your farming lease! 2020 crops are reserved and belong to the tenant farmer.

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28 Acres of Farming Land

6850 W Eaton Hwy, Sunfield, MI 48890

Eaton County QDMA Branch

107 Corona Drive Charlotte, MI 48813
David Yeomans

Stoney Creek

Anna Mitterling

Red Creek Cooperative

Kurt Laux

Looking Glass QDM Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Sebewa Creek Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

North Cochran River Bottom

Brian Elliston

Four Corners

David Yeomans

Southern Westphalia Cooperative


Libheart Creek Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Stoney Goose Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Cedar Creek Watershed

Anna Mitterling

Thornapple River Bottom QDM Coop

Tony Smith

Thornapple River Cooperative

Johnny Hartwell

Little Thornapple Cooperative

Bryan Peterson

Baltimore Twp Cooperative

Anna Mitterling

Clinton Lakes Pheasant Cooperative

Jon Morrison