Michigan is renowned for its hunting. With a long-standing history and reputation of being an outdoorsman’s paradise, there’s never been a better time to head to Pure Michigan to pursue your passion. Here, you won’t just find whitetail deer. Michigan is home to a variety of small game, bears, turkeys, and ducks. Whatever you like to hunt, you’ll find it in Michigan.


Hunting in Michigan–A Storied History

Each year, more than 28,000 hunters from out of state head to Michigan on a conquest for the next big prize to hang on their wall or put in their freezer, and with good reason. Michigan is consistently rated in the top states for hunting all kinds of game, with more and more people heading there on hunting trips each year. These excursions have a positive impact on Michigan’s economy, with hunting bringing in an estimated 6 billion dollars in total revenue yearly. Yes, billion with a B.

In-state hunters spend an average of $4,400 yearly on gear, ammo, gas and other related expenses. They fill hotel rooms, lunch counters, and sporting goods stores, and will happily spend their funds doing what they love.

Ask any hunter about their dream hunting destination and over and over you’ll hear resounding cries for Michigan. Michigan wasn’t always abundant with deer and other game. Starting in 1972, funds were allocated for deer population management, intended to improve range and number of whitetails roaming the state. By 1994, the state experienced a surplus of antlered and antlerless deer, leading more hunters back into the woods in a state where hunting once waned in popularity.

Youth hunting has also gained steam in Michigan. In December of last year, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a new bill into law allowing younger hunters to harvest whitetail deer, elk, and bear on public hunting land. Prior to the signing of this bill, many youth hunters had been denied access to hunting large game on public hunting lands. This new law permits children, who are age 10 and up, to hunt large game. Before the signing of this bill, Michigan’s minimum hunting age was 14.


Thinking About Purchasing Hunting Land?

Guided hunts are increasing in popularity, becoming both more affordable, and more accessible. Moreover, sportsmen are looking to purchase plots of hunting land, ranches where they can go hunting at their leisure, without the worry that they will need to share the land with anyone else. Owning a hunting property in Michigan delivers a sense of freedom and control. It can even serve as an income stream–many hunters rent out their land for others to enjoy when they are not using it.

Hunting seasons in Michigan extend into much of the year, depending on what you are hunting (small game, deer, turkey, etc). This makes the idea of owning a plot of land even more valuable. Purchasing a tract of land in Michigan, even a small one gives you a place to return to throughout the year, and the freedom to choose which hunting seasons you’d like to participate in. Spring brings turkey hunting, and the opportunity to find antlers, or sheds, from deer who lose their antlers when the weather begins to warm. Summer is great for hunting crows, and you can also hunt for porcupines, squirrels and wild boars.

Probably the best part of owning your own land is being the only one hunting on it. No more competing for a spot on opening day, and no losing the prey you’ve been scouting all season long to another hunter. You can hang trail cameras freely, without the worry that someone will come along and remove them, and you can scout the land at your leisure. Every inch of that land is free for you to comb and explore.

You may even opt to build a cabin or camp on the property for your own use, giving yourself a nice little spot to come home to after your day spent in the woods. Use this cabin as your base camp when you head out on one of your many Michigan hunting trips.

Hunting land needs little maintenance throughout the year if that’s all you’re using it for. When you own a property, you can explore every inch, really getting to know the lay of the land and scouting all sorts of game that inhabit the area. And of course, as the owner, you do not have to seek out permission to use the land–it’s yours! Additionally, you can plant food plots that will attract even the pickiest of deer.


Buy Hunting Land in Michigan

Owning hunting land is a dream for many, and it’s a reality that is far more attainable than you might realize. By starting small, you can find the right piece of land for all your hunts. By investing in land, you’ve all but guaranteed yourself a spot that will grow in value. Improving that small plot will enable you to leverage it into something larger, eventually leading to your dream hunting property.

When you’re not hunting, spend your time in nature enjoying the natural splendors that Michigan has to offer, from incredible lakes to breathtaking vistas, and numerous opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, and fishing, The Wolverine State offers something for everyone. Hunting aside, Michigan is a vacation destination all of its own. Venture there alone, with your hunting buddies, or bring the entire family along for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Hunters know that you’re either hunting or preparing for hunting season. This year, why not consider taking a hunting trip to Michigan? While you’re there, it doesn’t hurt to look at available land for sale and start dreaming. The perfect piece of hunting land awaits in Michigan, your Midwestern outdoor paradise.