If you’re a hunter or outdoorsman, think about the role that hunting plays in your personal life. For some, it’s truly about the pursuit of their prey. For many others, it’s the overall experience of simply being out in nature, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scenery. The amount of health benefits that hunting delivers may surprise you. Have you ever longed for more time in the woods? Wished you didn’t have to share your hunting spot with other people? If the answer is yes, it’s high time you started thinking about investing in a hunting ranch.

Any good hunter knows what an ideal location Michigan is for hunting and other outdoor pursuits. Not just a paradise for whitetail deer, you’ll find ample opportunity for hunting bear, small game and perhaps one of Michigan’s most well-known thrill, turkeys. With this much to do, it’s not surprising that many out-of-state residents flock to Michigan each year, hot on the trail of their next conquest. Michigan residents find this place pretty great, too.


Michigan Hunting Ranches–Perfect for the Entire Family

When you purchase a plot of hunting land, it’s yours. That means you can frequent the property as often as you’d like, and what you do with it is your choice. Hunting ranches give you a place to come back to after a long day in the forest or field. When you’re cold, hungry, and tired after a long day of hunting or scouting, the last thing on your mind is returning to your truck and making a long trek home.

Imagine just being able to walk back to your hunting cabin, where a good meal and your favorite movie await. The family dog and the kids are happy to hear all about your day in the woods, as they wait for you to regale them with your tale of the monster who got away that day. You’ll be only minutes away from a fully-stocked fridge and a comfortable bed. If you do manage to shoot something, you’ll have a place to store and process it, without the logistics of shipping meat or bringing it home on the long drive.

Use your hunting land for a variety of recreational activities, and make each trip a teaching moment for the younger generation. By helping them understand the importance that hunting plays in your own life, you’ll ensure they see the benefit to their own. Owning a hunting property gives you a means to involve the entire family in a meaningful way as you teach them about the land, show them signs of deer or other creatures, search for sheds, or plant food plots together.

Walking the land will engage their nature eyes and ears, as they learn to discern various bird songs and animal calls. You may even find a great fishing spot in the process, or a favorite place of respite to just “be” for a few minutes. You’ll clear your head without ever running into another human, that is, unless you want to. Investing in a property like this gives you something to leave to your heirs when you’re gone. Keep it in the family for generations and strengthen those memories spent together using the land.


Owning a Hunting Reach is Within Reach

Investing in hunting land isn’t just for the wealthy anymore. A ranch has different connotations to different people, with some wanting a monster new construction log home with all the amenities, while some are happy with a single-wide trailer on a patch of acreage. Michigan hunting land has a high return on investment, while delivering a wide variety of benefits. Recreational land loans give you the financing to own that slice of heaven in Michigan, with easy lending terms and reasonable interest rates.

Another thing to remember when pursuing a land investment in Michigan is to start small. Really think about what you can afford and then base your ideas on that. If you’re looking for a hunting camp, decide how often you can reasonably use it. Is there the potential to rent it out when you’re not there? This may result in the property paying for itself over time, allowing you to parlay that initial investment into your dream property down the road.

Contracting with a land specialist can remove the guesswork from the buying process. A land specialist’s job is to locate the right piece of land for you based on your needs and budget. They can actually look at properties and report back to you, giving you more information than an online listing can.

You’ll want to ask the right questions before choosing to purchase a hunting property, like how the land is accessed, whether mineral rights are included, the condition of the land itself, cost for taxes, and the like.

Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to start browsing Michigan hunting real estate. Your next endeavor awaits, with Michigan Whitetail Properties.