Close your eyes for a moment and think about what your dream home looks like. Is it a cookie-cutter monstrosity in the suburbs without a yard? Or is it a slice of heaven in the country with a few acres and a modest house? Increasingly, more people are deciding they want to own land. If you’re considering it, it’s time to get serious.


When considering purchasing a parcel of hunting land, there are many factors to consider. Are you tired of fighting for a hunting spot on public game lands, or having to travel large distances to bag deer? Do you wish you just had your own land that you could live on and hunt? If you want to live on your hunting land, as many hunters do, a piece of land with a house already built might be right for you.


Purchasing some land with a house already built means you can farm, hunt or fish immediately. A property like this is a true hunter’s paradise. Imagine being able to hunt on your own land, chasing deer or turkeys all day long, and then retreating to your own warm, cozy home.  We’ve got a variety of houses with land for sale right now on our site, waiting for you to browse.


Benefits of Purchasing Property with a House Already Built


  • Move-in ready
  • Pay one flat price with no additional need for land financing
  • No need to build new
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Hunt on your own property


You might still have questions about buying land, and that’s ok. Choosing to invest in acreage is a big decision. These helpful tips will give you some insight on what you need to look for before taking the leap.


What to Know Before Buying Hunting Land


The first thing to keep in mind when considering buying a home is your list of must haves. These are the things you will not do without, your top priorities for the type of property you’re after. Do you want to buy a home with acreage? Should it have a pond, or food plots, or perhaps farm fields?


What is your budget? This will be the first thing any realtor or property management company will ask. If you have a number you have to strictly adhere to, or you’re more flexible, we’ll need to know up front. It is also good to look at other properties within your price range to give you an idea of what you can realistically afford, before you decide to buy.


Location is another thing to consider. Do you want a shared property that has neighbors? Should It be on a paved road, or is dirt just fine?


Arm yourself with this information and use it to find that perfect hunting property where you can live your dream.