With Michigan ranking 3rd in the nation for the number of licensed hunters, game ranches are the ideal spot for both Michigan hunters and visiting hunters. Owning a ranch in Michigan gives owners the opportunity to make decisions about the land and wildlife that other locations don’t.

Hunting on private ranches ensures that animals are well cared for and the land is taken care of. Using a ranch for hunting also gives you the comfort of knowing who’s hunting along with you. Michigan is rich with hunting lands and has many ranches across the state for hunters to take advantage of.

Anyone who’s gone hunting on a privately owned ranch has probably been left feeling jealous of the owner. If a ranch feels like your perfect hunting location, you might also consider buying a ranch of your own. Owning a game ranch is a fantasy for many hunters. Those with game ranches find that nothing beats having the opportunity to hunt right on their own property.

Purchasing a home with a lot of land can be a big decision, even for avid hunters. Michigan has a long history of hunting that will continue to be strong going into the future, so hunting ranches have become a popular buy in recent years. Hunters interested in purchasing land should start looking into finding theirs now to get their top choice.


Which Game Ranch Is Right for Me?

Michigan has ranches in a wide variety of acreages for whatever size you’re interested in or for different budgets. From hundreds of acres of land to just a few dozen, there are plenty of land options and beautiful family homes for hunters.

Those who have been hunting for years or are accustomed to managing large properties might jump at the chance for 500 acres of land. Ranches with a lot of land give hunters plenty of opportunities to hunt deer all season long. Not only will you have the space to hunt, you’ll also have a nice secluded area away from neighbors. Larger families or families who enjoy spending time in nature will love having a space of their own.

For those who have never managed land before or who have a smaller budget, might want to test the water and buy a smaller piece of land with their ranch. While there might not be as much space to hunt, it can help you decide what amount of land you’d feel comfortable owning in the future. Smaller ranches are also ideal for families who aren’t as interested in the hunting aspect of a ranch but enjoy not having neighbors. Many are choosing to leave urban and suburban spaces to enjoy the peaceful environment that comes with ranches.


Advantages to Game Ranches

The best part of owning a game ranch is that hunters have the chance to make choices for themselves. By owning your own property, you can ensure that all the animals on the land have good lives. You also have a say in your landscape, as well. You can make decisions regarding things like trees and shrubs to have the best hunting experience possible. If your land doesn’t have any accessible water, you can add it to draw in more wildlife.

While you might like your property the way it is when you purchase it, you can still enjoy knowing that any future changes are up to you. If your land turns out to have a large population of antlered deer, you can hunt for as many as you can manage thanks to Michigan’s hunting laws.

Hunting is not the only incentive for buying game ranches. Owning a ranch can also come with some financial benefits. Well connected hunters can take advantage of their property and lease out hunting right on their ranch. Because of all the perks that come with hunting on game ranches, many will be sure to pay to hunt on your property. Some who buy game ranches don’t always intend for it to be their primary home. If you’re looking to purchase a ranch without the intention of living in it year round, you can consider renting it out for others to take hunting trips.

Additionally, ranch owners with a lot of land might have the space for farmland. Many with farmland on their ranch find that they won’t have the time to tend to it properly. Most hunters will not want to be wasteful when it comes to nature, so they choose to rent it out to farmers, instead. Buy renting out your land, you gain extra income for little work.


Buy a Game Ranch Today

Game ranches are the best real estate option for serious hunters, and Michigan is the best place to buy them. With the state’s abundance of wildlife, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the top hunting in the country right on your own property. Michigan Whitetail offers game ranches for sale all across the state. Be sure to browse our huge selection and contact one of our agents to inquire further.