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We’ve got some of the nation’s best hunting here in Michigan. Stop thinking about owning hunting land and take the plunge. Build your dream with us one acre at a time.

Why every hunter should hunt Michigan’s farmland

Benefiting farmers and hunters alike, farmland is rife with ample food supplies and cover spots. Deer have been known to be particularly destructive to farmer’s crops, grazing and nipping the tops off things like peas, sweet potatoes, and oats.

In addition to bountiful food sources, farmland provides deer with a variety of terrain to travel and spots to bed down. Hunting on farmland, while more challenging than traditional gamelands, is a gold mine for hunters looking to bag that monster. Farmers will appreciate having less deer to worry about on their land.

The perks of owning a farm or land are real

Owning farm land is one of the smartest real estate investments you can make. Owning farm land opens you up for financial growth, for obvious reasons, from farming, be it yourself, or by existing farmers. You can also use the land recreationally or build your dream home. Additionally, interest paid for purchasing farmland can be deducted from your income tax.

If your idea of heaven is chasing whitetail bucks, find the right land at Michigan Whitetail Properties. Feed your head, and your body. Get out in Michigan’s woods today.

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