Calling all hunters. Test your mettle this hunting season–embark on duck hunt. Here in Michigan, duck hunting season is eagerly anticipated by hunters statewide. From the upper peninsula and beyond, Michigan ducks everywhere are hoping to avoid becoming dinner.

Continue reading, and plan your Pure Michigan duck hunt.

Michigan is divided into 3 zones, each with different hunting season dates. These dates for the 2018/2019 Michigan duck season are as follows:

  • North Zone – Sept. 29 – Nov. 25 and Dec. 1-2
  • Middle Zone – Oct. 6 – Dec. 2 and Dec. 15-16
  • South Zone – Oct. 13 – Dec. 9 and Dec. 29-30

Hunt Ducks Like a Pro, This Season and Every Season

Like any good hunter knows, it is important to mind your manners before, during, and after your hunt. Always practice good hunting etiquette. Don’t dump garbage, respect the land, be a gracious host, and never take a shot that isn’t yours. Doing any of these things will ensure you don’t get invited on hunts in the future.

Whether you’ve been hunting ducks your entire life, or you’ve never gone out duck hunting before, there are few basic things to know.


  • Choose the right gear
    Finding the right camo is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles in duck hunting. The type of camo you choose depends on where you choose to hunt. After you choose your camo, get yourself a good set of waders. A more breathable style is ideal. Ducks inhabit the water. Find yourself a good duck hunting kayak for the easiest access to your ducks.
  • Hunt with permission
    If you do plan to hunt on private land, ensure that you have full permission from the land owner. Treat their property with respect, the way you would treat your own. After a successful hunt, take them a duck or two to show your gratitude.
  • Do your homework
    Hunt where the ducks are going, not where they’ve been. Put in the time to scout and learn their behaviors. Go for a drive or a hike and look for the waterways where ducks are spending their time. Here, you’ll be able to identify where their roosts and their feeding spots are. One important thing to remember–don’t hunt the roost unless you’d like the ducks to find a new one.
  • Perfect your duck call
    Learning the ways of duck calling takes practice. The more you practice, the better you will become at calling ducks. Duck calling is an art, a blend of the proper “accent”, the right volume and proper timing. Find a video on YouTube and get to work!
  • Select a decoy
    Seasoned duck hunters know the importance of choosing a decoy for your duck hunt. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get great decoys–plenty of hunters have put ducks on the table using nothing more than a painted milk jug! You will want to select a decoy that offers some degree of movement. The idea is to mimic a real duck–real ducks don’t sit still.
  • Hunt legally
    Duck hunting is highly regulated–make sure you’re staying within the full limits of the law. Complete your hunter education courses, have the right licenses or permits, and know all the rules and regulations, bag limits, and possession limits. Know how to identify the ducks when they are flying and when they are killed.
  • Have fun!
    Always remember to enjoy your hunt. It can be frustrating when you don’t see anything, but it’s important to enjoy the time you’re spending in pursuit of that duck kill. Hunting, especially duck hunting, comes with a great deal of camaraderie. So grab your buddies, hit the water, and let the hunt begin!



Easy Duck Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy

You bagged a few duck on this season’s hunt. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A highly versatile meat, duck can be used for almost anything. Grilled, roasted, made into jerky or put into a pot of chili, the ways you can cook your duck are limited only by your own imagination. You’ll find wild duck to be a welcome addition to your dinner table.

You can freeze your meat or use right away. However you plan to enjoy it, few things are as satisfying as killing your own meat. Like duck hunting, eating duck is best done when shared with the people you care about.

This duck hunting season and in the future, keep the tradition alive and share it with future generations. Pursue your next waterfowl hunting adventure in Pure Michigan.