Where in the US would be best to live off the grid?

“Off the grid living” means living off the land and without government assistance. A white picket fence outlining a neatly groomed yard in a precisely planned development has been the stereotypical “American dream” for years. But now, some Americans are dreaming of off-grid living with more space, less government, and lots of independence. We’ve listed some of the best places in the US to live off the grid. 


Michigan is one of the best places to live off the grid. There are many pieces of land available where no one will bother you or even know your home exists. Many people are off-grid, and you probably don’t even realize it. If you like privacy and don’t want many people to bother your on your own property or you just want to live your life how you choose, Michigan is a good state for you! You will also have plenty of acres to do whatever you want with it, even hunt for game. Check out Michigan Land For Sale to see a bunch of properties that would fit the off-the-grid classification. They are all a good place to also raise a family. 

We may be a little biased about Michigan, but here are some other states that are also great for living off the grid. 


Maine is an off gridders dream! There are lots of properties for sale and much of the land is cheap and remote. Water is plentiful, as is timber and rock to build with. The only drawback is the climate. It gets cold there, and it’s a wet cold. But if you can deal with the winters, it does have beautiful seasons. Summer is bearable and temps in spring and fall are comfortable. Zoning is open to off gridders and building codes are relatively reasonable.


The Cascade Mountain region and the western area of the state offer quality and readily available natural resources. Plenty of hunting and fishing is available in the region. Property prices and taxes are affordable to low. Quality timber exists on many parcels of land in the Cascade Mountain region, as well. The state appears to be welcoming to people who want to live off the grid. Two of the largest off-grid communities in the state are in the Three Rivers Recreation Area–which operates solar energy and water supply shared systems–and Breitenbush Hot Springs, which is now rapidly becoming a tourist attraction.


Big sky country! This state is great if you’re a rancher, but it’s bitter cold in the winter and the wind howls across the prairie and grasslands. If you’re looking for land in Montana look in the mountains for shelter from the winds. The same goes for Wyoming and North Dakota. Cold and windy unless you’re in the mountains, and even then it’s bitter cold in the winter.

This is by no way an all-inclusive list, but it does help to give you an idea of what going off the grid in these states might be like. With the state authorities cracking down on off-grid lifestyles, it has become increasingly hard to find good places to settle but the ones listed above are quite liberal with respect to rainwater harvesting and harvesting solar power.

After reading this list you become interested in living on a piece of land in Michigan, contact us at Michigan Whitetail Properties for more information!