Buying a new home is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your life. Not only can finding the perfect house be difficult, but figuring out how you’ll afford it can feel impossible. While there’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re buying a home, one thing is for sure – Michigan is the best place to buy one. Michigan has something for everyone, no matter what type of neighborhood you want to live in. The state is also an extremely affordable place to live, which means you have a good chance of finding your dream home within your budget. 

Once you’ve settled on Michigan, you’ll need to figure out where exactly you’ll want to live. There are no wrong choices when it comes to buying a home in Michigan, but everyone will find areas they feel most comfortable in. 


Everyone across the country knows that Michigan is famous for its lakes. Because of this, it only makes sense that when you’re buying a home in Michigan, you’d want to find one close to a lake. There are plenty of advantages to buying lakefront property, and more than enough lakes to choose from, but some can be expensive. Buying a home in Hale can make it easy for you to find homes for sale on Sage Lake


For anyone wanting to live in the Upper Peninsula, Paradeside is a great choice. This is also the ideal area for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. One of the biggest benefits of living in Paradise is it’s close distance to Lake Superior. In Paradise, there are plenty of areas you can go for a variety of different outdoor activities. This makes it a popular spot for hunters, campers, backpackers, and even birdwatchers. Even if you don’t have a favorite activity, getting the chance to spend time outside in a peaceful area like this makes it a great place to live.


For a town in Michigan with plenty of culture and a variety of community activities, consider Coldwater. You can find interesting events happening throughout the year in Coldwater. The town hosts several annual festivals for its residents, one of which even has ice carvings during wintertime. Coldwater also has many well-maintained historic buildings in the Downtown Coldwater Historic District.  


Anyone looking to buy a home in Marshall could have a good chance of finding a beautiful old house. Maintaining its history is a big part of the culture in Marshall, so much so that its historic district is one of the largest in the country. Aside from the historic landmarks throughout the town, you can also visit several different museums in Marshall. There is also a variety of different festivals held for the community during the year. 

Big Rapids

If you’re looking for a Michigan town that falls perfectly between city and small town, Big Rapids is a perfect choice. With slightly over 10,000 people living there, this is the perfect size for many people. Big Rapids is also a popular college town. Here, you can find Ferris State University, one of the best colleges in Michigan. This gives you the chance to see plenty of sporting events. Of course, you can also easily get to multiple different lakes from Big Rapids as well.