Top Quality FARM LAND FOR SALE in Ottawa County, Michigan

Land for sale in Michigan, Farm Land for sale in Michigan - 23 acres Ottawa County                Top Quality  FARM LAND FOR SALE      

Located in Crockery Township this 23 acre property is fantastic. Approximately 20 acres is tillable agricultural land and also has a great location to put a house if wanted. The soil is nice and dark and great for growing crops. There are mature trees on the property within the 3 acres of woods and there is definitely deer on the property. There are scrapes and trails in the woods and deer were sighted on the property while walking it! This property also provides additional income from the billboards because part of the property runs along Highway 96. Just 20 minutes from Lake Michigan, 10 minutes from Coopersville and 15 minutes from Allendale...get your piece of blueberry area heaven, generating income and in a great location!


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NEW Hunting Land for sale and Farm Land for sale in Michigan

New Listings are coming into our office at a rapid pace right now.  Winter weather has held out and properties are moving even during the dead of winter.

News listings include three in Calhoun County. 91 acres, 81 acres, and 33 acres. A fantastic new 80 acre parcel in Eaton County just west of Grand Ledge. A new Montcalm County listing for 60 acres near Big Whitefish Lake, and three new listings in Mason County very close to Ludington and just a few miles from Lake Michigan.  207 acres with a cabin and barns, a 60 acres parcel just north of Scottville, and another 180 acre parcel with a newer cabin and pole barn.


With all of the hatred and evil going on in our world today, I think that it's time for us ALL.....White, Black, Brown, or whatever color you may consider yourself, to reflect on what a great country we live in and rejoice at the fantastic freedoms that we enjoy each and every day....and that most of us take for granted.

Freedoms like hunting and fishing and pretty much doing what we want, when we want because in most other countries around the globe, the citizens aren't able to do what we do.

I for one, am thankful for every breath I take and I thank god for each and every thing I have in my life.  I am blessed to live in such a great country, and I wouldn't want to live any where else.

May each and every one of you enjoy a peaceful and safe Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2015

Our opinions on Hunting regions of the US


Hunters in the United States have the luxury of choosing where they want to hunt. Our freedom tohunt when we want and where we want and in what manner we want is paramount and we must protect that right. Our nation has plenty of bountiful areas filled with deer, elk, bears, moose, goats, mountain sheep, mountain lions, pheasant, turkeys, waterfowl of all kinds, and so much more.

If you have a hunting “Bucket List”........You should travel out of your home area and see what this great country has to offer. There is an amazing outdoor country out there.


The Southeast is a great place to hunt offering a variety of game and scenery. Georgia is a great state to hunt for deer, turkeys, bears, squirrels, rabbits, and wild hogs. Located in the southeastern corner of the peach state is the Chattahoochee National Forest offering these great hunting opportunities on public land if that is what you would desire.

Venice, Louisiana is one of the best places in the country to hunt for waterfowl as more than 14% of the country’s wetlands are located in this area. Mississippi is right along side.

Another area that offers fantastic hunting in the is Kentucky, which is fast becoming a “Hot Spot” for giant whitetails. Kentucky could be added to the “Midwest” when it comes to Hunting Land, but since we have not hunted in that state, we will leave it as part of the “Southeast”. South Carolina offers some great opportunities for deer and duck hunting and encompasses the Francis Marion National Forest.


Without any doubt, the Midwest is home to THE very best deer hunting in the nation.

I have hunted whitetails all across the midwest and each and every state has fantastic opportunities to harvest the buck of a lifetime!

Here is my opinion of the states in the order of which I would personally rank them:

#1 – Kansas.....and particularly western Kansas where the deer have thousands upon thousands of acres to roam without being pressured by humans in any way. The land is desolate. Dry, with virtually no crops other than Milo and one would think that there are no reason that whitetails would live there, but oh don't be fooled. Some of the largest of all whitetailed deer in North America call this place home! Some believe that it is high concentration of calcium and magnesium that is in the arid soils there. Although non residents must draw for a tag, out of state hunters can usually draw a tag every year and can even buy an over the counter left over tag at times in some Units.

#2 – Iowa.....and this is a very close second to Kansas in my book, but is considered by many to be in the number one spot when it comes to hunting deer. The farm land there is fertile and produces some of the best crop yields in the US. This in turn creates some of the best hunting land that our country has to offer. The record books are filled with bucks that have been harvested in the Hawkeye state and 2014 will be no exception! The draw back to Iowa for a non resident is that their system is operated according to “Preference Points” that one accumulates each year by purchasing them and it takes 3-4 years to get enough “Points” to draw a tag.

#3 – Ohio.....Southern Ohio offers some fantastic hunting land has been a destination for many serious trophy hunters and offers over the counter hunting licenses for non residents. Hit the areas south and east of Columbus for some awesome opportunities to harvest a giant whitetail.

#4 – Illinois …...The Pike County area of south central Illinois speaks for itself but the fertile farm land there across the entire state offers fantastic hunting opportunities.

#5 – Wisconsin....Very much like Michigan, the cheese state has a large variety of landscapes to choose from. Rich farm land, rolling hills full of mature hardwoods that create great hunting land, many thousands of lakes and rivers......all together add up to great wildlife habitat for many kinds of animals. Wisconsin has more entries into the record book than any other state in the US.

***My home state of Michigan is, in my opinion, the BEST state of all when it comes to the best overall land for hunting, fishing, and all outdoor recreation. The lower peninsula has a HUGE variety of diverse land of all kinds, from rolling hills and ridges, to flat farm lands, to heavily wooded areas, wetlands, thousands of lakes, rivers and streams which offer great area for hunting all kinds of wildlife, and also offers hunters an abundance of wildlife of many different kinds from whitetail deer and a phenominal population of eastern Turkeys, waterfowl, and unmatched fishing statewide. The southern half of the lower peninsula is currently where the largest population of big mature whitetails reside and this is due to many things, the most of which is the deer management practices that have been implemented b y most of the landowners. Southern Michigan produces many quality mature whtetail deer each and every year. The northern part of our state including the Upper peninsula which features elk hunting on a one time draw basis and great bear hunting, grouse hunting, and more. The Upper Peninsula has vast areas of wilderness and is a fantastic place to visit and search out that “out of the way” place that others don't dare go to. The “Great Lake State” lives up to it's name when it comes to water......


While most people think of New York and clam chowder when asked about the Northeast, hunters think about deer and bears. Lake Placid, New York, is famous for its fishing along with the quarter million acres of surrounding state lands. The land located in the Adirondack Mountains is home to roaming whitetail deer and black bears.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is near Pine Creek. Pine Creek runs through Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The land around the creek and gorge is state land reserved for whitetails, black bears, and small game.

Firearm season is here......stay safe!

The 2014 Michigan firearm deer season is upon us, so please be safe and courteous towards other hunters.

Things to consider when purchasing Land



When Buying Land, consider all of these factors

Purchasing a large parcel of land is basically the same process as purchasing a home. You need to know what your intentions are with the land, how many hunters can the parcel handle safely, and/or how many acres do you wish to farm. Do you intend to build someday? A home, a cabin, a pole barn, etc?

The following are some things you should consider, and by all means, always feel free to ask us questions.

Perc Tests

I highly recommend having a “Perc” (short for Percualtion) test completed before the purchase if you have any intentions of building.

Perc tests are done by the potential buyer, and at his or her own expense generally speaking, and involves going to the local health department and purchasing a permit, and then hiring a heavy equipment operator to dig holes. Generally 3 holes are required that are 8' wide and 10' deep. The health dept. official will need to be on site when the holes are dug to verify soil composition and make a report, which you will receive via mail.


When looking for a house, you consider the square footage of it because of how many people will be living there, visiting, etc. Similarly, when considering a parcel of land, you want to make a determination as to the acreage you will need for you and your fa,ily and friends to safely enjoy. Are you primarily bow hunters? Are you primarily gun hunters? This makes a drastic difference as gun hunters must be separated by much more distance to be safe than do bow hunters.

Having the largest piece of land on the isn’t always the best course of action. Go for quality instead of quantity. You may be able to purchase a quality smaller parcel that would give you all that you desire. Any piece of land has upkeep too. Mother Nature will do her work to some regards but there are some aspects of your land that will require your attention. This is especially true if you plan to use your land for specific purposes such as farming, but upkeep on a parcel of hunting land can and will be extensive at times. Cleaning up after storms, keeping trails mowed and cleared, planting and tending to food plots if you choose to plant them are all things to be considered.


Another factor to consider in determining what you want out of your land purchase, is the type of terrain you are acquiring. Not all land is created equal. Land has qualities or drawbacks just like a home might.

Factor things in such as hills, flatlands, soil temperament, water sources, woodlots, bedding areas, and other things that can affect how you can interact with your land. A farmer would want good soil and flat land. A hunter will want food sources, water sources, good sightlines, and cover. Also consider the surrounding terrain and/or what it is like. Is it Farm Land that allows the deer both food and cover without your expense, or is there homes nearby?

Hunting Grounds

If you are a hunter, you’ll want to know if the land you are purchasing is in fact allowed to be hunted on. Owning your own hunting property is an opportunity to give back to the land and make the land prime hunting grounds. You’ll have the freedom to get to know the land at your own pleasure. Trust me, I have owned 5 farms and there is nothing like owning your own piece of paradise and spending time there.

Ask questions

Always ask questions. We are professionals that do this for a living and we have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Things to consider when searching for Land to purchase

Things to consider when searching for Land to purchase.....

A quality piece of Hunting Land is obviously one where game is abundant. However, that doesn’t always translate to the perfect hunting property for every individual. A piece of land might be one hunter’s sanctuary and another’s nightmare.

Know Your Own Expectations

Among other factors, one of the most important in deciding to purchase a quality piece of hunting land is your own expectations of what you want out of this land and what you are willing to do to accomplish that. With land, as with anything in life, you will get out of it what you are willing to put into it. Owning a parcel of quality land is no different than owning a home. It takes effort to maintain, or improve.

Hunting land is commonly purchased by a wide variety of people from diverse economic and social backgrounds. The piece of land you are considering purchasing should be in line with what you want as the owner. Everyone has their own idea of what they expect and what they would like to do with a parcel of land. If you plan on farming cash crops, like corn or soybeans, be it by yourself or by leasing the tillable acreage to a farmer, or planting food plots for the deer and turkeys, your outlook on quality land could be vastly different than a hunter who has no intention of dealing with crops or the unceratinty of mother nature from year to year.

An item that should be factored into your equation is acreage. How much are you willing to manage? Mother Nature will take care of some of the maintenance for you but she won’t take care of all of it. Recreational hunters who aren’t looking to maintain a large property should consider land with less acreage.

Know the Terrain

Once you’ve solidified your expectations from the land you wish to purchase, in terms of acreage and what your purpose is for it, the fun part begins.

Identifying quality land is a very enjoyable process, and has a handful of things to consider. Items to consider include relationship to where to live, any local laws or regulations that may hinder what you want to do with the property, genetics in a certain area, food resources, water sources, cover, trails, and a variance of topography.

It is a lot of fun to look at scrapes and rubs from years past and make a determination as to what kind of deer live in an area.

Food Sources

Without food, deer won’t likely stay your property for any length of time. It is a simple fact of nature that grazing animals are going to flock where food and water is plentiful, especially in Michigan where our winters can be harsh with lots of snow. Finding land within an Agricultural area where crops are abundant can be key to success. Adding Food Plots is also a very important part of offering your deer and turkeys a variety of food to choose from and aids greatly to keeping animals on your property. Forests provide great cover but not all trees are created equally. Mast producing trees not only provide cover but also acorns and nuts for deer to feast on. Additionally, fruit bearing vegetation such as apple trees or berry bushes provide a naturally occurring food source for deer.

Like food, water is a necessity for game to stay your land. Deer and turkeys will travel across your land without food and water to find cover and a safe haven when being pressured, however properties that have ponds, rivers, creeks, or even a small lake is going to hold game much more than land that doesn't.

Ranging topography with a mixture of timberland, open pastures, agriculture, rolling hills, food plots, and trails to funnel deer provide you with ideal hunting land. Too much of any one type of landscape can reduce either the amount of game on your property or your success as a hunter.

Quality Deer Management

A final note is to know your potential neighbors. Ideally you want to have neighbors who practice Quality Deer Management practices. This helps to manage the deer herd naturally in a specific area creating a quality hunting experience for all the hunters in the area.

Archery Opener growing near!

Michigan's archery season is about to begin.....we still have SOME FANTASTIC PROPERTIES AVAILABLE......Hillsdale County, Jackson County, Calhoun County, Branch County....and north central Michigan in Mecosta County......It's not too late!