While trips to the beach or a nearby big city are popular, many people agree that the best trip you can take is to a quaint, small town. All over the country, you can find incredibly charming small towns with a lot to offer that can give you everything you want in a quick vacation. However, few states have as many amazing small towns as Michigan. You can find small, unique towns wherever you go in Michigan, but one of the best is Lenawee County. 

If you need a few reasons to take a trip to this Michigan town, here are four. After visiting, you might even be tempted to look at some of the Lenawee County land for sale

1. Walk Through Beautiful Parks

Like so many places in Michigan, Lenawee County is the perfect place for nature lovers to be. Michigan is known for providing visitors with some fantastic outdoor views, and the same goes for Lenawee County. Here, you’ll have multiple parks that you can pick from. Many of the parks are ideal for hiking, with miles of hiking trails available. Some even allow you to go fishing in the park. You can take advantage of many of Lenawee County’s parks year-round by enjoying the bright foliage in the fall or wait for a nice snowfall during the winter. However, certain parks are only open during the summer. 

2. Get Some Shopping Done

Small towns are often the best places to find unique local businesses. Because of this, there’s plenty of great shopping opportunities all over Lenawee County. You can find just about anything at some of the shops here, from trendy items to handmade pieces you can’t find anywhere else. There are enough shops to see in the county that you can easily spend most of your day going through used book stores, consignment shops, antique stores, and clothing stores. Use this as a chance to stock up on everything you’ve been wanting or 

3. Enjoy the Local Restaurants

Of course, if you travel anywhere, you want to know what your dining options are going to be like. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of restaurants in Lenawee County. You can find somewhere to eat no matter what you’re in the mood for. The area has everything from pub fare to Mexican food or coffee shops if you’re just in the mood for a drink. There are even tea rooms and a restaurant in a 19th century home. If you’re more of a picky eater, there are also multiple different local pizza places to try out.

4. Experience the Arts and Culture

Lenawee County has a thriving arts and culture scene that you need to check out during your visit. Enjoy a night out and catch one of the many shows offered at the Croswell Opera House. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can also get the chance to visit the area’s three-day country music festival. One unique attraction is the Michigan International Speedway, which hosts two NASCAR races a year. You can even partake in a murder mystery night on The Old Road Dinner Train.