In Michigan, you can find great outdoor activities all year round. With plenty of amazing outdoor spaces and more lakes than you could hope to visit, Michigan is the perfect place for those looking to spend more time outside. With so much opportunity, you might not know where to go to see some of the best places to visit in Michigan. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for outdoor activities in Michigan, Branch County is a great place to check out. 

Not only are outdoor activities fun to do but they can be extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health. We spoke to Michael J. Brown with Sunshine NTC who told us just how beneficial being outdoors can be. “Our bodies need sunlight to properly utilize vitamin D. This vitamin is important for strong bones and teeth. It helps our body to absorb calcium.”

Branch County is a great area of Michigan to go to spend time outside and relax. After enjoying the outdoors here, you might even want to look into buying some of the Branch County land for sale. During your time in Branch County, here are three of the best outdoor activities you can do. 

Go on a Trip to a Park 

One of the best ways to spend a nice day outside is to take a trip to one of your local parks. You can spend the day outside doing whatever you like best. For many, this is the perfect way to have some space to play your favorite sports. If you’re not up for playing sports, a picnic is also a great way to utilize one of your local parks. Pack a homemade meal or get takeout and enjoy an afternoon. Dr. Nancy B Irwin told us about some of the benefits to taking a trip to a local park. “Being outside tends to give us a natural feeling of openness and freedom. Fresh air is healing to the lungs vs breathing recirculated air, and sunshine stimulates the production of Vitamin D in the body.” You don’t even need to plan anything to go to the park, just spend some time on your own or bring along a book. Find some time today to meet up with your closest friends and family today to go out and enjoy your favorite park or try visiting a new one. 

Take a Walk

Going on a walk is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and see more of the Branch County area. Taking a walk is just about the easiest thing you could do to get yourself outside. We spoke with Spencer Bomboir with TeamLinkt who spends tons of time outdoors walking. “Some of the benefits of being outdoors include increasing cardiovascular health through exercise, receiving Vitamin D through sunlight, and improving one’s mental state by enjoying nature and exercising.” You can go almost anywhere in Branch County for this, or you can travel a little out of the way to explore somewhere new. If you’re interested in walking through a new area, finding a walking trail is the best way to do it. The next time you’re looking to go on a walk, consider the Union City Heritage Water Trail. This gives you a great trail to follow and includes multiple makers along the way to give you some interesting information about the history of this area of Branch County.

Visit a Lake

Of course, you can’t talk about outdoor activities anywhere in Michigan without mentioning spending time at a lake. We spoke to Simon with Globo Outdoors who’s favorite activity is kayaking. He has been spending more time at lakes to remain active while social distancing among a global pandemic. “I am a keen kayak angler and I am still practicing my favorite hobby. Of course, I am following the recommendations and keeping a distance from the crowd. The greatest benefit of being outdoor is that it allows you to relax, keep you in good shape and generally make you feel better.” Michigan is famous for its lake and Branch County is the perfect place to experience it. Here, you have several great lakes that you can plan a visit to, including Coldwater Lake, Marble Lake, and First Lake. At some of the lakes you’ll find in Branch County, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating. On a nice warm day, there’s nothing better than this.  Of course, you can always spend some time just relaxing by the water as well.